Scenes From My Surrogacies: A Memoir in the Making

I’d reached 39 weeks with these little girls and I was still enjoying every day of my pregnancy. Despite that, I was even more excited to finally reach this last stage of my surrogacy, the point where I’d give birth and watch her hold her children for the very first time. She would see them; she would hear them; she would smell them; she would touch them. She would finally come to know them in the carnal way that only I had the privilege of experiencing up until this day.

It’s the vision that I, and every other surrogate mother that I knew of, held so dearly. It’s the vision that inspires us to become gestational carriers in the first place and it’s the motivation that keeps us going through the challenging and inconvenient aspects of the pregnancy, of which there are always many.  We keep our eyes on this prize because to us, it’s not taking the babies home that we want – it’s seeing our intended parents take their babies home that deeply satisfies us. It’s what closes the circle of life for us – the life we started within our own and pass over to someone else to complete. There’s nothing else on this earth quite like it, to grow a human for someone else.