I want to live in a world where everyone is able to have the children they desperately want.

When infertility or medical issues get in the way (or you’re a man or male couple yearning for fatherhood), I want gestational surrogacy to be a beautiful, rewarding experience for you.

I know that gestational surrogacy can seem overwhelming, confusing, or even scary at times. A stranger is going to carry my precious baby? It might seem unnatural at first, but with the right preparation and forethought, it can be a uniquely wonderful and life-changing journey.

I want you to start on your path to parenthood fully informed. You should feel confident and excited about the surrogacy option you decide to pursue. Your gestational surrogacy experience should be full of hope, excitement and enjoyment - how prepared do you feel right now?

I can coach you through this.

I’ve created Surrogacy Support Doula services to help you achieve the most successful gestational surrogacy experience possible. Through personalized phone calls, video sessions and email, I’ll assist you with carefully constructed coaching packages tailored to your individual needs. Together we’ll discuss your unique situation and explore your thoughts, feelings, and hopes for your surrogacy. Then I’ll help you turn them into an action plan as you seek a woman to be your gestational carrier.

And if you’re looking for more in-depth support, with my “Advanced” Surrogacy Support Doula package I will walk you through the process, helping you choose the perfect surrogate mother to carry for you. With my “Encompassing” package, I’ll stand by your virtual side throughout the pregnancy, every step of the way.

As a highly experienced former surrogate mother myself, I’m in a unique position to offer you objective and insightful support throughout the pregnancy and beyond,  giving you helpful feedback and advice from a surrogate mother’s perspective.

Choose which Surrogacy Support Doula package below best suits your needs and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to plan our time together.

You are not alone on this unique path to parenthood - together we’ll create your own successful surrogacy! 

My personalized Surrogacy Support Doula packages are: 

I am also available for public speaking events. Please contact me to discuss your event and make arrangements.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Susan Fuller