Let’s face it, as an intended mother or father, having a stranger carry and give birth to your child can be an unnerving thought.

  • Will our surrogate mother take good care of herself and the baby?
  • Will the baby bond to her instead of us? 
  • Will we resent her?

These are all natural and perfectly normal questions. In fact they’re questions you should be asking yourself.  Because the more you learn, the more information you prepare yourself with, the more you acknowledge your own natural feelings about the surrogacy process, the better positioned you are for surrogacy success. 

Having a baby is your ultimate goal, but actually enjoying the surrogacy process while your surrogate mother carries your baby makes the whole experience even sweeter. 

I know that each and every surrogacy arrangement and relationship is unique – I’ve completed seven surrogacies and given birth to nine surrogate children for six different sets of intended parents. 

That is a lot of surrogacy experience. 



I’m Susan Fuller, and I will help you have the warm, memorable and successful surrogacy journey that you dream of. The one where after nine months of waiting, you’re cradling your baby in your arms while your heart is bursting with love, and you feel full of gratitude for your surrogate mother. 

I write about my surrogacy experiences in the hopes of inspiring and educating intended parents. Because I’ve had so many varied surrogacies, I’m uniquely qualified to give you a more complete view of surrogacy from the surrogate’s point of view, which better prepares you for your own journey. 

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Susan Fuller is a mother to three and a surrogate mother to nine. Approximately 10 minutes after delivering her first child, Susan turned to her husband and said “Wow, I can’t wait to get pregnant and do that again!”

After completing her family three years later, Susan pursued her goal of becoming a gestational surrogate mother. Her first surrogacy resulted in carrying a set of twin girls and delivering them at 39 weeks. Her second surrogacy was another set of twins, this time both boys, who had a combined weight of more than 15lbs at birth. Her third, fourth, fifth and sixth surrogacies all resulted in single baby girls and her last surrogacy journey resulted in a baby boy. Although once in a while she still yearns to feel little kicking feet inside her belly, she’s put her childbearing years behind her with a feeling of accomplishment and a very, very full heart. 

Susan lives in Virginia, outside of Washington DC with her husband, children, and menagerie of pets. 

Contact Susan at surrogacybydesign@gmail.com