Talking About Gestational Surrogacy on the Beat Infertility Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Heather Huhman, host of the Beat Infertility podcast. Heather is such a lovely host (and a new mom herself!) and brings a wide range of personal stories to life on her podcast, as well as helpful advice and input from fertility experts.

I am so pleased to have had the chance to talk about the ins-and-outs of surrogacy with her, and we covered a lot of ground! We talked a bit about my own infertility journey, and how that ultimately led me to become a surrogate mother myself.

We also talked quite a bit about birth itself, and the similarities and differences I’ve found between giving birth to my own children and the surrogate babies I’ve delivered.

I hope you’ll listen in, or share this episode with a friend who might want to learn more about surrogacy! You can find the podcast here on the Beat Infertility site