Talking About Infertility, Gestational Surrogacy, and Other Things

Gestational surrogacy is a team sport if ever there was one! Between the intended parents, the surrogate mother, the medical team and all the supporting staff (lawyers, psychologists, administrators, etc.), it really does take a village to have a baby through assisted reproduction.

And sometimes the team includes others as well – an egg donor, or a sperm donor, or possibly even both. I recently had the chance to be interviewed by The Donor Group, an agency that specializes in egg donation services, and I’m happy to share itwith you.

We had fun in the interview – talking about not only topics related to fertility and surrogacy, but what motivates me and gets me up in the morning (I bet that will surprise you!), my own journey toward parenthood, and where I draw inspiration from.

It’s a fun behind-the-scenes peek at Surrogacy by Design, and I hope you enjoy it - you can find it here on The Donor Group's site!