Scenes From My Surrogacies: A Memoir in the Making

Would she, as some point, want to ask me about what it was like to be pregnant with her, a conversation most children have with their mothers at some point in their young lives? Would she ask her two dads about me, wanting to know details about my pregnancy with her, and what would they say? What could they say?

As she got older, would she find it fascinating or questionable or shocking or disappointing that she was conceived before her parents were married? Or was that a completely outdated consideration? Or was it a crazy notion in the first place, given that she was the child of two gay men and her life would always be far from the mainstream from the outset? What difference would it make anyway when she was conceived, especially when gay marriage was not even legal when we conceived her?

Were these issues that would someday concern her, or even consume her, and would I feel responsible for it?