My Compulsion to Create on The Art of Infertility

It was during Resolve’s Washington DC Advocacy Day in May that I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Novotny and Elizabeth Walker. They had put out a call to Advocacy Day attendees to tell their infertility stories, and well as bring along one visual artifact from their journey to share as part of their experience.

I really enjoyed chatting with Maria and Elizabeth and learning more about their project called The Art of Infertility.  It’s an amazing and thought-provoking project that chronicles the journey of infertility through artwork, oral history, and photography, and includes a traveling exhibit as well. 

I had the good fortune of participating in their oral history portion, telling my own infertility and surrogacy stories, which was a very empowering experience and one I’m really grateful to have a role in.

After our interview, it occurred to me that while drafting stories for my surrogacy memoir, I had actually already written about this exact subject! Maria and Elizabeth were interested in that story and I was more than happy to share my piece called “The Compulsion to Create” with them.

I know you will enjoy their Art of Infertility site, it’s filled with incredible art and stories from many people’s journeys, both resolved and unresolved, and I’m eager to follow their project as it evolves.

Thank you so much Maria and Elizabeth for having me!

Read "The Compulsion to Create" here.