Gifts With a Surrogacy Theme

If you’re like most people, your holiday shopping is well underway by now (maybe you’re even close to being all done – lucky you!). If you or someone you love is in the middle of a surrogacy journey, you might be looking for an extra special or highly personal gift to celebrate the unique experience. I have some great suggestions, ideas, and links for you!

If you’re an intended parent, the first question you might have is whether you should give your gestational carrier a gift that’s just for her, or perhaps something for her whole family. Of course there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to gift giving – it’s all very personal – but I’ll offer this guideline.

If your gestational carrier is currently pregnant, you might want to give her a personal gift, as well as give a gift to her family. Surrogacy is most definitely a family event and requires patience and understanding from everyone, so acknowledging that fact through a family gift is a thoughtful gesture.

Some gifts that are great for families are:

  • A fruit or other gourmet food basket
  • A gourmet cookie/dessert basket
  • A gift certificate to the movies, a play, or a sporting event
  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
  • A game the whole family can play

My favorite family gift that we received was Vitamix blender. Sounds a little crazy, right? But we love to make our own fresh juices and our previous juicer had worn out, so this was a very thoughtful and very much appreciated gift that we all enjoyed.

As for what kind of personal gift to give your gestational carrier, well, that’s personal of course! What are her passions or hobbies? How does she like to spend her time?  One of the more thoughtful gifts I received during my surrogacy experiences was a special package of fabric imported from England. Because I love to sew and make things and the fabric wasn’t easy to obtain in the United States at the time, the fact my intended parents thought to seek it out for me was incredibly special, and every time I use a bit of it I think of them.

Many gestational carriers collect things with an angel theme because angels are a commonly used symbol for surrogacy, representing the miracle of life and the special care your gestational carrier has for your baby. Gifts with an angel theme are quite popular, like jewelry or figurines.  These flowered-themed angel figures from Wind and Weather are very pretty and unique:

If your surrogate enjoys jewelry, you could give her something that recognizes or commemorates your surrogacy experience. It could be something surrogacy-specific, like this necklace from NovaHomemadecreation on Etsy:

Or just a lovely piece of jewelry that has nothing to do with surrogacy, but is just something your gestational carrier will enjoy wearing day-to-day, is also a wonderful gift.  My very favorite bracelet was a gift from one set of intended parents and has nothing at all to do with surrogacy – they just really nailed my tastes when they picked it out, which makes it even more special!

If you’re cycling or getting ready for your transfer, how about lucky socks from

Or SurroSisterDesign on Etsy offers a great assortment surrogacy-themed t-shirts (including maternity styles!), water bottles, decals, and this beautiful tote bag:

And for most anyone involved in your fertility journey, no matter where you are in the process, TTC Greeting Cards has so many things are are not only gorgeous, they have just the perfect message. They offer much more than just greeting cards (which are works of art in themselves!) – they have printables, socks and t-shirts each with beautifully stated messages, like this one:

Wishing you a happy holiday season full of good cheer!