Chatting About Birth on the Birthful Podcast

There are few things I love more than talking about birth, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the number of times I've been through it!  So when I found the Birthful podcast, I couldn’t get enough of it – there are so many great guests and stories and the host, Adriana Lozado is just lovely.

Recently I had the chance to speak with Adriana herself as a guest on the Birthful podcast.  We had an-depth conversation about – as you can imagine - all things birth. Given that my own birth history includes:

12 children

11 births

9 vaginal births

5 vbacs

5 unmedicated births

4 inductions

4 epidural births

3 water births

2 sets of twins

2 c-sections

2 homebirths

2 miscarriages

1 stillbirth

Clearly we had a lot to talk about!

Not only do we talk about my experience giving birth to my own children, we get into how and why birth as a surrogate mother is just different by nature, and why I made some of the decisions I did specifically because I was a carrying someone else’s child.

It’s an episode full of information and if you haven’t heard the podcast before, you won’t be disappointed (and fair warning, if you enjoy birth-related chat, you might get hooked!). 

You can find the episode on the Birthful website  along with all of the other fascinating previous episodes of the podcast. And thanks so much to Adriana Lozada for having me!