Scenes From My Surrogacies: A Memoir in the Making

The background music stopped and the roar of the conversation got louder, but then quieted down when the band starting playing what sounded like wedding ceremony music (it was a foregone conclusion that there’d be no playing of “Here Comes the Bride” today).

The officiant stood high on a staircase landing above and in front of the guests, who were all seated at small cocktail tables scattered throughout the ballroom. One of the grooms stood on the landing as well, with a look of elated anticipation on his face. The other groom apparently had not arrived yet.

I looked over at Doug and wondered to myself how many people get to experience this in their lifetimes? How many people get to attend the wedding of two gay men? And to then kick my wonder up another several notches, how many people get to attend the gay couple’s wedding, roundly pregnant with the grooms’ baby?

Not many, I assumed.